· The Topsfield Rail Trail is approximately 4 miles long. It goes from the Wenham to the Boxford town line.

· The southern 2.3 miles (from Washington St.) of the trail is owned by the MBTA and leased to the Town of Topsfield. The northern 1.6 miles is owned by the electric utility company—National Grid and is under license for the use as a recreational trail.

· In Topsfield center, at the corner of Main and Grove St. the MBTA sold a triangular piece of land which included a railroad freight barn to a private investor (Brian Woodland). That is the site where Topsfield Station has been built. We have an easement on that land for the rail trail. The easement continues north to the Proctor School property.

· The National Grid owned portion from Washington St. to the Boxford town line connects directly with Pye Brook Community Park.

· The TLC is now quite usable in it’s entirety from the Wenham to Boxford town lines. The northern surface is grass and compacted soil. We are now working with National Grid to finish the trail but many items remain to be negotiated before Topsfield can get a lease. At that point we can apply for Federal and State grants.

Topsfield Rail Trail Committee

“TLC” - Topsfield Linear Common