Topsfield Rail Trail Committee

“TLC” - Topsfield Linear Common

Parking is available (from south to north) at:

· The Rt. 97 crossing in Topsfield in a new parking area for 8 cars as well as shoulder parking.

· On the north side of Rt. 1 bicycle racks and parking for about 6 cars—even during the Topsfield Fair!

· In the municipal Park St. parking lot by Summer St. and St. Rose catholic church.

· On Main St.

· In the Village Shopping Center to the left by “Topsfield Station” and the Topsfield Bicycle Shop.

· On Bare Hill Rd. by the southern entrance to Pye Brook Park.


Maps can be found on Google Maps by clicking on the bicycle icon.

Please, No motorized vehicles. Horses OK.

Electric wheelchairs, scooters and bikes that cannot exceed 22 mph are allowed since, by state law, they are not considered motorized vehicles.